Children's Dental Care is so Important!


Children are more prone to teeth ailments as they eat a variety of foods such as sweets which contain sugars and starches that can adversely affect their teeth and cause cavities. It is a fact that children's teeth can be more difficult to clean due to their natural structure. Debris and plaque tend to remain on their teeth, thereby promoting bacterial growth and tooth decay.



At ICDE we recommend the first visit for your child to be around the age of 2 - we call this the “Happy Visit”. It is vital that children start their early dental experiences with fun, easy, non-threatening visits. They learn about the suction (“mister thirsty”), the water squirter, the bright light that they get glasses for and if they are ready for it, the tickling tooth brush. We have specially designed child friendly play area.



We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents, including those with special medical, physical or emotional needs. Most of our patients receive primary and preventive care in our clinic. We also offer treatment under Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) allowing us to care for patients with a variety of needs. Our dentists are great with kids! 



We provide comprehensive oral health care that includes the following:


  •  Infant oral health exams, which include risk assessment for caries in mother and child

  • Preventive dental care including cleaning and fluoride treatment, as well as nutrition and diet recommendations

  • Early assessment and treatment for straightening teeth and correcting an improper bite  (Orthodontics)

  • Repair of tooth cavities or defects - white fillings, stainless steel crowns, space maintainers

  •  Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diseases such as Diabetes, Congenital heart defect, Asthma and Hay fever

  • Management of gum diseases and conditions including ulcers, short frenum, mucoceles and children's periodontal disease

  • Care for dental injuries - e.g fractured teeth, displaced teeth, knocked-out teeth etc

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